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RECH Elevator Offered Love and Warmth in Early 2015

PubDate : 2019-09-17 Author : Sources : Views : 3383

February 10 was a sunny day, which seemed awesome for the "Offer love and warmth in winter" activity of Guangzhou RECH Elevator Company. Since its establishment, the Company has been committed to organically combining enterprise development with social responsibility undertaking, and has been initiative to make dedication to building a harmonious society, highlighting the Company's business philosophy of adhering to "serve the public and contribute to the society". 

  The Company made a plan actively and carefully, not only enabled colleagues in all departments to participate in the love offering activity, but also made family members and children of some employees participate in the activity, in order to make the love of RECH Elevator inherited and expanded to other people, and bring warmth to more people. In the activity, we sent quality rice and cooking oil prepared to families house by house according to the register of families in financial or material difficulties provided by the Village Committee of Chatang Village, Tanbu  Township. Among the elders, some beamed with smiles, some cried their eyes out, and some invited our colleagues to drink tea. The scene was warm and touching. 

  Love is a flower that never fades in the world! Through this activity, colleagues of the company have better understood the enterprise culture of RECH Elevator: to produce the best elevator products to serve the society and the public.

  We believe that this is the virtue of RECH Elevator!

Village Committee Square of Chatang Village

Village road

Greeting with smile

Unusual strength

Hold out


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