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Old Building Project

Elevator shaft structure

Traditional reinforced concrete shaft

In the proper place of the old building and according to the actual conditions of the site, the traditional method is adopted to re-build the reinforced concrete frame structure shaft with elevators. The construction is complex, the construction period is longer, the cost is higher and the site conditions restrict it more.

Steel structure shaft

Adding steel structure to the outside of the old building, the outer wall of the shaft can be sealed with various distinctive materials such as color steel, aluminium-plastic plate, synthetic material and glass. Its characteristics are short construction period, low cost, not easy to be restricted by site conditions, beautiful appearance and more personalized after completion.

Sightseeing Wellway with Steel Structure

Steel structure hanging side by side, closed by all glass, does not affect the lighting conditions of the surrounding users, and can create a beautiful and highly personalized image of the building facade.

★ Independent Parallel Road + Connecting Gallery Bridge

This kind of parallel road is usually used in places where the site conditions are complex and there are restrictions such as fire-fighting corridors. Its characteristics are that it is separated from the old buildings, and the corridor bridge is used to connect the building with the elevator, without affecting the surrounding fire-fighting corridors and other functional corridors. The biggest advantage of the passenger elevator in small room is that the elevator room is half smaller than the traditional elevator room, and the size of the room is the same as the well, which has a unique advantage for the placement of additional elevators. Generally speaking, there is a need for 3 to 4 square meters of elevator well space, and it is also necessary to build a well waterproof elevator well bottom pit 1.5 meters deep. Although this is a bottleneck for many houses in Guangzhou, it can be solved by building elevator buildings and designing wall-mounted elevators on the periphery. In installation, our company adopts wall-mounted elevators, which occupies a small area and can meet the requirements of owners in all aspects under various environments. Do the best for customers in terms of low cost. The passenger elevator of inorganic room, as its name implies, is a room without traditional elevator. The equipment in the former elevator room is installed in the well way. Compared with the smaller passenger elevator in the machine room, its advantage is that it saves the machine room and is more conducive to the perfect integration of the existing elevator building with the existing residential building, maximizing the guarantee of the original. It has the beauty of buildings. The other functions of the passenger elevator in the inorganic room are the same as those in the small room.