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Service Support

Pre-sale and in-sale services:

1. When the contract is signed, our salesman will provide you with accurate elevator civil drawings to ensure that the civil dimensions meet the requirements of the equipment.

2. The salesman keeps track of the civil construction process at any time. If the size of the civil construction changes with the contract, he will immediately notify the client of the contract change.

3. During site construction, our project will regularly coordinate with your construction contractor to ensure that the project site and equipment requirements are correct.

4. For this project, engineers who have been engaged in the installation of elevators of the same type with yours for more than five years are dispatched to carry out the installation, equipped with advanced testing tools and more than five years of debugging experience to conduct the debugging and testing of elevators, and full-time quality inspectors are appointed to carry out the quality inspection of the installation process and the completion of the quality inspection.

5. To set up a separate elevator installation project department for this project, which is specially responsible for guiding, coordinating and supervising the whole process of installation. The team members include project managers, safety personnel, quality inspectors and other personnel.

6. Equipment installation, acceptance and acceptance are qualified and delivered to the owner before using the equipment. Our company is responsible for elevator protection, maintenance and theft-proof.

After-sale service:

1. Customer service centers open telephone calls 24 hours a day on 365 days, including the holidays of "Spring Festival", "New Year's Day", "May Day" and "National Day". At the same time, maintenance personnel are waiting for dispatch in each maintenance center and are available at any time, anywhere.

2. The 12-month warranty period from the date of acceptance and acceptance by the geological inspection department shall be free of charge to provide fault recall, elevator maintenance service no less than 15 days and the whole machine inspection before the 12-month annual inspection.

3. The response time of fault call does not exceed 30 minutes, and the general repair time does not exceed 60 minutes.

4. Maintenance Definition: Elevators should be cleaned, lubricated, adjusted and inspected at least every 15 days.

5. Communicate with the Owner's Committee from time to time and listen to feedback. Feedback the customer's suggestions and opinions to the company quickly to eliminate the worries of the owners.

6. Free training on elevator basic knowledge and safe elevator ride will be given to property management and the owner once or twice a year.

7. Perfect spare parts warehouse: Our company has set up a complete spare parts warehouse in this area, which can solve the common parts problems of elevators in your area within 60 minutes, and restore the normal operation of elevators in the shortest time, so as to ensure that elevators do not affect the normal up and down of users.

8. Rapid Response to Traffic Guarantee: Maintenance Center is equipped with a number of after-sales service vehicles, providing traffic security for all-weather services.

9. Unimpeded service hotline: Unimpeded service hotline is waiting for your call at any time. Free service hotline: 400-800-3088.

10. Assist in annual inspection: Before annual inspection of elevators, we will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the elevators in this project to ensure that the elevators pass the annual inspection smoothly. During the annual inspection, we will provide free labor services and technical training.

11. 24 hours all-weather emergency repair service: We will provide 24 hours all-weather emergency repair service. Make sure to arrive at your site within 30 minutes. The repair time for general problems does not exceed half an hour and for special problems does not exceed 8 hours.

12. Quarterly return visit service: Our service supervisor will visit once a quarter to exchange service, products, management and other issues that need to be solved, and timely improvement.

13. Multi-level technical services: First, the company has all kinds of technical experts; Second, there are resident after-sales service support engineers in all provinces and cities; Third, the elevator location has our maintenance staff on standby at any time to provide you with comprehensive customer service.

14. If the elevator control software is updated and upgraded, our company will upgrade all elevator systems of this project free of charge.

15. After the expiration of the warranty period, you can sign the after-sale maintenance contract at the most favorable price to provide professional services to customers and charge fees according to the regional fee standard.

Three-level Parts Library System

The three-level spare parts storage and supply network covering the whole country can realize near, sufficient and lifelong spare parts supply of the original factory, so that customers will never worry about it. We have enough spare parts in every spare parts library. Common spare parts can be solved in 30 minutes.