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2014 Annual Dinner Party of RECH Elevator

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  1H-7E left like the fine horse galloped away; 2H-8E comes as the golden goat presents auspicious signs. On January 23, 2015, the RECH Elevator people merrily gathered together to jointly enjoy the 2014 Annual Dinner Party of RECH Elevator.

  During the dinner party, all employees and some specially invited guests proposed a toast together with full of joy. Issuance of Outstanding Employee Award, Outstanding Group Award and Special Contribution Award inspired the employees' enthusiasm of learning and catching up with the advanced, bringing climax to the party. After tasting the delicious dishes and being accompanied by singing, dancing, sketches and other wonderful programs, people came to the most exciting raffle draw part of the evening, bringing one climax after another. Within the lucky hands of all raffle draw representatives, many of them won the prizes.

  New year has a new beginning, and new year will gain new achievements. Passing through the delight of the horse year, RECH will usher in the glory of the goat year. Let us arouse our all efforts to make the company prosperous, and to blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit with hearty spirit, in order to seek common development in the new year plans and to create a better tomorrow of RECH, writing a more brilliant chapter of RECH in the new year.

Dinner party venue

General Manager Xie were addressing 2014 summary and new year expectations

Proposing a toast

Small apple dancing (male fellows were also dancing crazily)

Beauties were performing

Issuing the Outstanding Employee Award

Issuing the Outstanding Group Award

Issuing the Five-year Contribution Award

Ipad mini won from the raffle draw

Leaders were proposing a toast


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