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Rech Elevator won the Certificate of Class AAAA Good Standardizing Practice Enterprise

PubDate : 2019-09-17 Author : Sources : Views : 3183

  At the beginning of the new year, Mr. Hu Yijun, Chairman of the Board of Guangzhou RECH Elevator Co., Ltd., received the "Class AAAA Good Standardizing Practice Enterprise" certificate from a leader of the Quality Inspection Bureau of Huadu District of Guangzhou. RECH Elevator started to build itself a good standardizing practice enterprise according to a series of national standards Enterprise Standard System in August 2013, and passed the validating review on "Good Standardizing Practice Enterprises" organized by Guangzhou Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision in September 2014, with a score of 460 points. Experts in the review team consistently believed that Guangzhou RECH Elevator Co., Ltd. did a solid work in building itself a good standardizing practice enterprise, with complete standard document folders, and therefore the validated class was AAAA.

  Since the Company started to build itself a good standardizing practice enterprise, it has organized training for and assessment on employees for more than 300 person-times, setting a record of the most number of people and the most person-times since the establishment of the Company. It has also set up an enterprise standardized management system covering up to 711 standards, including technical standards, management standards and work standards, etc., and has effectively implemented the system. It has given full play to the system effect of standardization, and has achieved the best orders for production, operation, management and other activities, improving the production efficiency by 20%, and reducing the defective rate of products from 2% to 0.8%. "Standardized management improves efficiency and quality" is the deepest feeling of Guangzhou RECH Elevator during building itself a good standardizing practice enterprise.


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