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RECH Elevator used in Shanghai Jing'an Temple

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  As one of the national key Buddhist temples in Han nationality district, Jing'an Temple has received repairs and flourished under the care of CPC and the government. The reconstruction of Tripitaka Sutra Pavilion is one of these repairs. Guangzhou RECH Elevator's being selected for the Tripitaka Sutra Pavilion is not only for the first-class design and configurations of the elevator as well as the smooth and quiet operation, in fact, it is because of the Buddha reason. 

  Friends who are familiar with Guangzhou RECH Elevator will know the meaning of "RECH": Respect Everyone and Create Harmony. The goals and pursuits have been identified early since the Company was founded: "Acquaintance with you by means of an elevator also gives us an opportunity for thanksgiving. Work with diligence, treat people with love, and serve with knowledge. Meeting your needs is our mission.” The source of these ideas is just from the Buddhist world. 

  Taiwan Master Cheng Yen taught us: "Nothing is impossible to a diligent mind” The simple and direct words of waking tell us that only diligence can lead to success. "For all creatures throughout the world, we should cherish kindred regard. The sky covers all of us equally. The earth supports all humankind". Reading the Standards for Students really benefits me a lot. Seven years ago, I was led to know Jam dbyangs mkhas grub, the bZhag-pa Rin-po-che IV (93rd abbot of byams chen chos skor gling) by Buddha reason, and consulted him on the principles of "business". He said: "Business is always good as long as it can contribute to the society and humanity, and it will pay off. The greater your contribution is, the more the community will reward your.” The Master's theory is a speaking for all businessman of the world.

  RECH Elevator will continue to innovate and produce the best elevators, in order to make its own contribution to the society and the humanity. I became attached to the Jing'an Temple today, and I will become attached to all customers and the world.  

Attachment: tips for Jing'an Temple 

  It is said to be built during the Chiwu's reign (A.D. 247) of the Kingdom of Wu during the Three Kingdom Period, with an initially name of Hudu Chongxuan Temple. It was renamed Jing'an Temple in the first year of the Dazhong Xiangfu's reign (A.D. 1008) of the Song Dynasty. The plaque "Jing'an ancient temple" was inscribed by a calligrapher Deng Sanmu in 1945. 

  Jing'an Temple is the only temple provided with Tang Tantra Mandala inChina. The Shakyamuni Buddha enshrined in the Main Shrine Hall was fromBurma, and carved from pure jade. The jade Buddha is 3.87 m high and 2.6 m wide, weighing 11,000 kg. Famous for the boiling and well, the ancient spring of the Jing'an Temple is known as the "Sixth Spring under Heaven." In 1983, the State Council defined Jing'an Ancient Temple as one of the national key Buddhist temples in Han nationality district. Esoteric Master Chisong from Chinese Esoteric Buddhism has written Esoteric Buddhism Tongguan and other famous Buddhist scriptures. Lunar April 8th is the Jing'an Temple Fair.


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