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Newsletter on Acceptance Completion of Yehe Mingzhu Project in Pingshan County of Hebei province

PubDate : 2019-09-17 Author : Sources : Views : 3369

The elevator project (project name: Yehe Mingzhu) in Pingshan County of Hebei Province undertaken by the Company has been successful accepted on June, 2011. Subsequently, the Company will exercise the routine maintenance and repair work of elevators in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, in order to ensure the well functioning of our products and provide users with favorable passenger transport services.

  Nestled in the beautiful West Yehe Bridge Park, Yehe Mingzhu is East of Yehe River, south to West Yehe Road, West of the Sunshine Garden, and north to West Bopo Road. The housing estate has a planning land use area of 80000 square meters, and floor area of about 180,000 square meters, of which the commercial area is 15000 square meters. With a plot ratio of 2.20, greening rate of 0.32, building density of 0.329, the housing estate is a large-scale comprehensive development project integrating dwelling, commerce, leisure and entertainment. It is one of the major old city reconstruction projects of the Pingshan County Government.


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