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Condole with Families in Financial or Material Difficulties and Offer Love in Winter

PubDate : 2019-09-17 Author : Sources : Views : 3392

On January 22, I participated again in the "Activity of condoling with families in financial or material difficulties in Chatang Village of Tanbu Township and offering love in winter" organized by the trade union of the Company, and deeply felt the Company's commitment to combining enterprise development with harmony of society and the philosophy of adhering to "serve the public and contribute to the society".

  Not only company leaders and employees participated in this activity, but also family members and children of some employees were organized to participate in. I looked at the list carefully, over 60 elderly persons of no family from last year were alive, and they need more care from the society.

  Watching people of our company and village officials competing to send oil and rice to families in financial or material difficulties, I saw the bright smiles on the elders' faces and hearing their words of thanks. At this moment, it further strengthened the value and meaning of our consolation activity.

Unloading rice and cooking oil

Transporting with a cart, with bright smiles on their faces

Students were participating in this warmth offering activity: love lies in heritage!

Carrying rice and cooking oil into the village

 Photo of the leader and an elder with no family

Photo of the leader, an employee and an elder

Photo of students participating in the social practice activity and the elder


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