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Grand Foundation Laying Ceremony for Qingyuan Overseas Chinese Industrial Park Production Base of Rech Elevator

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  November 21, 2013 was an auspicious day and one of those extraordinary days, another new beginning of advancing big steps of. Qingyuan Overseas Chinese Industrial Park Production Base of RECH Elevator was then formally put into operation.

  The sky was extraordinarily blue, and the wind is rather soft. After an hour's drive, we got into the industrial park, and were greeted by a faint oncoming fragrance of earth. Original slept land that had been overgrown with weeds seemed to have changed overnight. It became clearer, wider and more hopeful. With festive arch towering and colorful banners fluttering in the wind, RECH people stopped their solemn and serious work image in the past. The production guy who usually sweats profusely quietly put on new clothes today, looking somewhat handsome. The plain office girl from yesterday dressed up today and secretly applied lipstick, looking even more beautiful. In the sound of the music Today is a Nice Day, everybody was busy and laughing. The vast park was permeated with not only joy and excitement, but also hope and expectation.

  Soon, the invited guests came, all related leaders of Mechanical Association of Yinde County-level City and Guangdong  Province, Guangzhou Association of Special Equipment, the Designer and the Constructor as well as representatives of partners who had long been supporting the development of RECH Elevator stepped into the ceremony site. Blessings and praises were lingering during the greeting. After the moderator announced the formal commencement of the ceremony, President Hu Yijun expressed confidence, perseverance, are even more appreciation in his personable and passionate opening remarks. Leaders came onto the stage in turn to make a speech, with sincere and effusive words of deep wish, full affirmation and enthusiastic hope. At about 11:18 a.m., as the moderator announced foundation stone laying ceremony began, President Hu Yijun, General Manager Xie Guangzhi and other leaders at all levels cast soil and laid foundation golden spades. Suddenly, applauses, hurrah, salutes and jubilant music sounds resounded through the sky of the Park, turning Qingyuan Overseas Chinese Industrial Park Production Base of RECH Elevator into a sea of joy! Finally, the moderator announced the successful accomplishment of the foundation laying ceremony. Everybody clapped for encouragement, and took photos to retain this memorable moment and taste this wonderful day.

  A new horn had been blown. RECH the sailing ship was fully fueled, and raised its sails to head for the future, tomorrow and hope.

  Located in the Qingyuan Yingde Overseas Chinese Industrial Park, Qingyuan Overseas Chinese Industrial Park Production Base of RECH Elevator is 1.5Km from Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway Export and about 1.5 hours' drive from downtown of Guangzhou, covering an area of nearly 100,000 square meters. Phase I Project to be constructed is planned to build modern production workshops with an area of more than 20,000 square meters, a high-standard intelligent office building, with a height of up to 83.9m, that can be installed with 6.0m/s high-speed elevator testing tower, and a comprehensive building integrating leisure, recreation and livelihood of employees. After completion of the Stage I Project, the Company will be able to produce up to 10000 escalators annually. It will become one of the national escalator production core manufacturers in South China or even inChina.

Photo 1:  Hu Yijun, Chairman of the Board was speaking at the foundation laying ceremony

Photo 2: Company leaders and guests participated in earth casting and foundation laying

Photo 3: RECH Avenue to the RECH Production Base (under construction)

Photo 4: Photo of employees at the foundation laying site


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